Natalee Young Terkel: Picking Out the Right Size Snowboard

Natalee Young Terkel is a student at the University of Pennsylvania who is currently studying to obtain degrees in both marketing and computer coding. Her knowledge in both fields will open doors in the professional world that would have been closed otherwise. She is dedicated to the success of her future in the professional world, but that doesn’t mean she always doesn’t find time to enjoy the present. She leads a very active lifestyle, which includes snowboarding regularly during the winter months.

Snowboarding is an extremely popular winter sport that has gone from being banned on some of the most famous resorts in the world, to become the most entertaining Olympic event in the present day. It isn’t so much a sport as it is a style, as it seems to influence riders’ entire lifestyles. However, snowboarding isn’t an easy sport to simply pick up on a whim; it takes a great deal of equipment as well as practicing before you are able to do the runs you want.

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Picking out the right size snowboard can be a difficult task, but easy to decide once you know how. The size of the board depends on the rider’s weight, height, and riding style. The bigger you are, the bigger you want the board to be, and if you plan on going through unkempt terrain, get an even larger board than you typically would ride.

Natalee Young Terkel always makes sure she has the right size board whether she is renting or buying. The right size board greatly impacts what you are able to accomplish.

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