Natalee Young Terkel: Travelling as a Student

Natalee Young Terkel is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Marketing and Computer Science and working part time as a bartender. Her ambitions are to go into one of those fields professionally as a coder or marketer, but she doesn’t let her focus on study prevent her from experiencing the world. Travel is an important hobby of hers, and one which she believes is essential for those who want to climb the career ladder.

As a student, Natalee Young Terkel finds that her life has been enriched by opportunities she has found overseas. Along with a semester studying abroad, she has travelled to San Juan, Ho Chi Minh City, and Cape Town among other places. The life and culture of different countries has expanded her outlook, allowing her to appreciate various perspectives on life and to understand that there are always multiple solutions to a problem.

The creativity which results from wide-ranging travel is evident in the fields she pursues. Both computer coding and marketing require thinking of new and innovative approaches to a problem or situation. It is the enhancement of this creativity that her travelling lifestyle has helped her studies, and will eventually help her career. She believes that studying alone is not enough to succeed in life, and that travelling is the perfect partner to study with its complementary yet much broader outlook.

Natalee Young Terkel recommends that students travel based on her own experiences as a young woman at university. She intends to travel further in the future and expand the already growing list of countries she has visited. Her quality of life and creative abilities are both enhanced by the opportunities and extended outlook which travel brings.

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