Natalee Young Terkel: New Experiences

Natalee Young Terkel, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, finds it difficult to stay still in terms of her life. She is constantly growing and searching for new experiences which could enrich her lifestyle. Moving forward is important to her, both in terms of her career and her physical well-being.

As an active person, she exercises regularly, at least once every day. She enjoys various sports including yoga, rollerblading and volleyball. Individual sports help her to get into the right mindset to study, while playing in a team is a fun activity that is intense and rewarding. Her love of exercise began as a child in a family of six, playing with her siblings and having fun. Physical activity is an important part of her daily habits and she couldn’t live without it.

Travelling is another aspect of her life that helps her to improve and broaden her outlook on life. She visited various countries on a semester exchange at sea, touring from South Africa to South America. The learning experiences on such a trip are uniquely valuable and she attributes her ability to evaluate different perspectives to the insight gained on this lengthy trip.

Natalee Young Terkel is a student who cares about more than just the student community. On her travels, she has had many new experiences which have enriched her life. Getting out of her comfort zone and testing her limits are important to her development as someone who hopes to have a career in Marketing or Computer Coding.

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