Natalee Young Terkel: Opening Many Doors

Natalee Young Terkel is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is studying marketing, with a focus on digital marketing. She is also taking computer programming courses.

She describes herself as a “daddy’s girl,” but adds quickly that she has always had an independent streak. “My dad and I are still really close,” she says. “But I’m my own person.” Four nights a week, she may be found tending bar at Calvin’s, a student hangout located just off the Penn campus.

Natalee Young Terkel is on track to graduate with her marketing degree next spring. She enrolled in Penn’s marketing curriculum at the suggestion of her father, and she says that it has turned out to be a really good match. “My dad said that a marketing degree would open a lot of doors, and he was right,” she says. “What he didn’t know when he first started telling me to think about marketing, was how much the industry would change. That is, how much it would be impacted by the Internet. Although when I think about it, maybe he did know, because he’s a smart guy and there isn’t much that hasn’t been impacted by the Internet.”

Natalee Young Terkel spent her sophomore year on board the Surprise, as part of the Semester at Sea program. That experience, she says, opened her eyes to the larger world around her. During its three-month voyage around the world, the Surprise stopped at numerous port cities on five continents, and left her with a new global perspective.

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