Natalee Young Terkel: Regular Exercise is Key

Natalee Young Terkel is a student at the University of Pennsylvania who lives a happy, healthy life. Growing up, she was one of six children and it was during this phase of her life that she developed good exercise habits. It is her philosophy that mindfulness and regular exercise make for strong physical and mental health.

Her favorite form of exercise is roller-blading, but she also enjoys yoga, volleyball, skateboarding and snowboarding. Team sports are fun, but she finds that she can push herself to greater heights when exercising alone and clearing her head. Although any exercise is good, individual activities are useful in practicing self-awareness and mindfulness, another important aspect of maintaining good all-round health.

Watching sport on TV makes her consider her own form and ambitions, and she believes seeing driven professional athletes doing what they love motivates her to succeed. This hobby is important in inspiring her to exercise as well as to seek success in her academic or business life. However, she does believe that after developing the habit of regular exercise it becomes much easier to motivate yourself.

Natalee Young Terkel loves exercising, and when done regularly she believes it is essential to maintaining a high quality of life. Helping herself to improve and grow is an important part of her success as a student, and staying healthy is the baseline from which other success will develop. Exercise is beneficial in many ways, and as a driven young woman, it has become a regular part of her life.

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Natalee Young Terkel: Taking Opportunities

Natalee Young Terkel won’t let any opportunity pass her by. A Marketing and Computer Science student at the University of Pennsylvania, she is involved in many aspects of the student community and doesn’t hesitate to get involved in various organizations and programs. She studied abroad at sea for a semester to enhance her world view and continues to love travelling.

Other hobbies include yoga, which she finds helpful in practicing mindfulness; skateboarding, an outlet for pent-up energy; and writing, which is one of her passions. Working hard isn’t difficult for her when she has so much to look forward to. She believes that while a student, it is important to get involved in as much of the community as possible.

Natalee Young Terkel works part time as a bartender to assist with payment of her course fees, and appreciates the fact that she is lucky to be where she is. Once her degree is finished, she will continue to expand her horizons and make the most of what comes her way.

Her proficiency on social media has developed over the years as a result of her forward outlook. She knows that with both her degrees, social media is important and is now experienced at using Yelp, Pinterest and at implementing SEO techniques to help websites. This media-savviness is integral to current marketing practices and shows just how dedicated she is to her future.

Natalee Young Terkel is sure that taking opportunities while a student will help her in the future. Her passion for living life to the fullest is reflected in her many hobbies and her involvement with various aspects of the University of Pennsylvania community.

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Natalee Young Terkel: Travelling as a Student

Natalee Young Terkel is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Marketing and Computer Science and working part time as a bartender. Her ambitions are to go into one of those fields professionally as a coder or marketer, but she doesn’t let her focus on study prevent her from experiencing the world. Travel is an important hobby of hers, and one which she believes is essential for those who want to climb the career ladder.

As a student, Natalee Young Terkel finds that her life has been enriched by opportunities she has found overseas. Along with a semester studying abroad, she has travelled to San Juan, Ho Chi Minh City, and Cape Town among other places. The life and culture of different countries has expanded her outlook, allowing her to appreciate various perspectives on life and to understand that there are always multiple solutions to a problem.

The creativity which results from wide-ranging travel is evident in the fields she pursues. Both computer coding and marketing require thinking of new and innovative approaches to a problem or situation. It is the enhancement of this creativity that her travelling lifestyle has helped her studies, and will eventually help her career. She believes that studying alone is not enough to succeed in life, and that travelling is the perfect partner to study with its complementary yet much broader outlook.

Natalee Young Terkel recommends that students travel based on her own experiences as a young woman at university. She intends to travel further in the future and expand the already growing list of countries she has visited. Her quality of life and creative abilities are both enhanced by the opportunities and extended outlook which travel brings.

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Natalee Young Terkel: The Experience of Studying Abroad

Natalee Young Terkel is an individual who is working hard to achieve success in her professional career. She is currently enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania where she is studying to obtain degrees in both marketing and computer coding. In order to support herself through her education, she is working as a bartender during nights and weekends. Natalee’s life can be hectic with everything she has to juggle on a regular basis, but this doesn’t stop her from taking advantage of some of the great opportunities her education, and her position in life, have to offer her. She has taken advantage of some of the study abroad programs at her school, and has been able to travel around the world.

Study abroad programs are a great way to get students excited about their course work. Although it is true study abroad programs are no vacations, it can be moral boosting for a student to continue their studies in a new environment. Study abroad programs not only enrich the lives of students through cultural experiences, but it also allows them to mature through the struggles of being in a foreign place without much of a helping hand. Schools typically provide living arrangements for the student, but everyday tasks will be up to the student to perform on their own, which can be difficult on a different continent.

Natalee Young Terkel was able to spend a semester at sea during one of her study abroad adventures, and traveled to places like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, India, Malaysia, China, and even parts of Africa. Through the university, she was able to experience cultures she may never have traveled to otherwise. Her travels allowed her to grow and mature as an individual because a newfound perspective on the world around her. Although she admits at times that her travels were not without struggles, she believes it was worth it because she has more confidence in herself to overcome obstacles in her professional life. Not only does she feel more prepared for the professional world outside of her education, but she also feels like she is capable of understanding people on a more personal level through her experiences outside of the United States.

Natalee Young Terkel takes advantage of the many study abroad opportunities that exist at the University of Pennsylvania. She wouldn’t trade her experiences in foreign cultures for anything now that she understands the importance of perspective in the professional world. Studying abroad prepared her for the future.

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Natalee Young Terkel: Why It’s Important to Stay Physically Healthy

Natalee Young Terkel is a well-rounded individual who understands that importance of setting firm priorities. She is a current student at the University of Pennsylvania where she is studying to become a professional in either the marketing or computer coding industries. She has always put the success of her future before most things, but she sets physical well being at an equal level on the list of her priorities. Not only does she practice yoga on regularly, but she is also an avid snowboarder, skateboarder, and volleyball player.

Natalee Young Terkel believes that it’s important to stay physically fit not just for the obvious reasons, but because it enriches all aspects of your everyday life. Working out is just as good for the brain as it is for the body; the brain naturally craves strenuous activity that focuses energy simply on body movements, rather than all the little details of our personal lives.

Practicing Yoga is a great workout for both the body and the mind because both have to work in unison in order to have an effective practice. Not only does the mind have to focus on the movements of the body, it also has to focus on balancing those movements in a fluid motion. Yoga is a great way to get a body workout that focuses on healing and flexibility, but also to escape all aspects of your life but the present moment.

Natalee Young Terkel practices yoga regularly due to the healing properties of the poses, and the ability it gives her to escape all aspects but the present.

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Natalee Young Terkel: Why Regular Exercise is Important

Natalee Young Terkel is a current student at the University of Pennsylvania who hopes to enter the professional world with multiple degrees. She has dreams of becoming successful in both the marketing and computer coding industries; two fields she hopes will open doors for her once she graduates from the university.

Although there is very little that stands in the way of her professional goals, her dedication to physical fitness, mental well-being, and overall healthy lifestyle she finds are equally as important. She makes sure to take the necessary time out of her busy schedule to focus on herself through workouts like yoga, running, snowboarding, and biking.

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Natalee Young Terkel believes that regular exercise has helped her through out all aspects of her life, and she is most likely accurate in thinking so. Regular exercise is something that the body naturally craves, but can be suppressed in today’s society due to the amount of advancements humans have made to make our lives easier.

For instance, we don’t need to hunt in order to get a high protein meal; we can simply pick up steaks at the store. Likewise, we don’t all need to chop wood in order to stay warm during the winter because modern technology has made electrical or gas heat extremely affordable. Although humans don’t need to work as hard to survive, our bodies still function as if we do because our intellects have evolved faster than our bodies.

Humans need to find other means of getting physical exercise. Going to the gym, running, or playing sports can be a great way to stay in shape, as long as you dedicate yourself to a regular routine. Running can be a great workout for those looking to get some exercise because you can do it literally anywhere you want and at anytime; no gym membership required. Yoga is also a great way to stay in shape due to its physical and mental benefits. Not only will yoga help you heal from the daily activities that make up your everyday life, but it will also provide fresh oxygen through out the brain because of the carefully developed postures.

Natalee Young Terkel makes time in her busy schedule to work on herself. She is a full-time student currently in pursuit of multiple degrees, and a bartender at night and on the weekends in order to pay for her education; if she can find the time to better herself through exercise, anyone can.

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Natalee Young Terkel: Picking Out the Right Size Snowboard

Natalee Young Terkel is a student at the University of Pennsylvania who is currently studying to obtain degrees in both marketing and computer coding. Her knowledge in both fields will open doors in the professional world that would have been closed otherwise. She is dedicated to the success of her future in the professional world, but that doesn’t mean she always doesn’t find time to enjoy the present. She leads a very active lifestyle, which includes snowboarding regularly during the winter months.

Snowboarding is an extremely popular winter sport that has gone from being banned on some of the most famous resorts in the world, to become the most entertaining Olympic event in the present day. It isn’t so much a sport as it is a style, as it seems to influence riders’ entire lifestyles. However, snowboarding isn’t an easy sport to simply pick up on a whim; it takes a great deal of equipment as well as practicing before you are able to do the runs you want.

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Picking out the right size snowboard can be a difficult task, but easy to decide once you know how. The size of the board depends on the rider’s weight, height, and riding style. The bigger you are, the bigger you want the board to be, and if you plan on going through unkempt terrain, get an even larger board than you typically would ride.

Natalee Young Terkel always makes sure she has the right size board whether she is renting or buying. The right size board greatly impacts what you are able to accomplish.

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